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MONDAY 4.14.14 

MTV Movie Awards were last night...CHECK OUT THE WINNERS

See who crashed Seth Rogen's SNL monologue...VIDEO HERE

Outkast's entire set from Coachella...STREAMING ONLINE

Katy Perry says selfies are a "disease" READ HERE

Johnny Depp was subpeonad in a murder case...STORY HERE

Find out how much money Miley Cyrus made last year...JEALOUS!

Khloe Kardashian got confetti-bombed...BY A CLOWN

The final book from the Divergent triology...WILL BE SPLIT INTO TWO MOVIES

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter got married over the weekend...LOOK

Kate Upton says she wishes...SHE HAD SMALLER BOOBS

Mike Myers and his wife had their second child...OVER THE WEEKEND

TUESDAY 4.15.14

Does Ice Cube have beef with the late Paul Walker? STORY HERE

Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement...LOOK

Is Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber's antics...AGAIN

How many different jobs has James Franco had!? SEE THE LIST

Taylor Swift surprised a fan...AT HER BRIDAL SHOWER

Ariana tweeted about getting a bone removed from her head...BUT, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK

Heather Morris will be making her return to Glee...FIND OUT WHEN

You have to watch Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella...VIDEO HERE

See if Falvor Flav will be going to jail...OVER HERE


Miley Cyrus was hospitalized...STORY HERE

See if it will be a little boy or a little girl...FOR MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER

Get ready for a Jay Z and Beyonce summer tour...LOOK

Cameron Diaz says having lots of lovers...IS BETTER THAN TRYING TO STICK WITH ONE MAN

See who Zac Efron is dating...OVER HERE

Find out where final season of "Glee" will take place READ ON

Paul Walker's brothers will help finish...THE REST OF FAST AND FURIOUS 7 FILMING

Dina Lohan pleads guilty to DWI and speeding...THIS FAMILY...

The first promo for The Bachelorette is out...AND JUAN PABLO WON'T LIKE IT

Tracy Morgan is worried for Alec Baldwin...FIND OUT WHY



Mickey Rooney passed away....HE WAS 93

Is Rihanna pregnant? STORY HERE


If you hated the "How I Met Your Mother" finale...THEY'RE MAKING AN ALTERNATE ENDING

Could Chelsea Handler be headed to CBS? LOOK

Have topless photos of Demi Lovato...BEEN LEAKED ONLINE

Snooki is pregnant with her second child...SEE HER ANNOUNCEMENT

Did you see Anna Kendrick on SNL? WATCH THE VID HERE

Is a "Goonies" sequel happening? MORE HERE

The judge assigned to Chris Brown assult case...REFUSES TO THROW IT OUT IN COURT

Rob Lowe says there's prejudice against good looking peopel? UMM

Katy Perry has made some drastic changes to her hair...PICS HERE

Has Justin Bieber been BANNED by Miami's biggest nightclubs? STORY HERE

Rob Lowe shares his take on Justin Bieber...LOOK

Ed Sheeran released a new song yesterday...TAKE A LISTEN

Scarlett Johansson wants us all to stop doing something...SEE WHAT IT IS

See Miley's new dog...PHOTOS HERE

Barbara Walters announced the final time she'll appear...ON THE VIEW

Kirstie Alley is getting backlash...BECAUSE OF THIS JENNY CRAIG AD

25 year-old Peaches Geldof...HAS PASSED AWAY...

A "Gremlins" sequel could be in the works...LOOK

Kevin Federline is a father again...FOR THE SIXTH TIME

Could Kimye's wedding plans be ruined? STORY HERE

Pro Wrestling legend (and recent Hall of Famer) The Ultimate Warrior...PASSED AWAY


Kirstie Alley defended herself...FOR USING THE TERM "CIRCUS FAT" IN HER JENNY CRAIG AD

Check out an eye opening interview...FROM MILEY CYRUS IN ELLE MAGAZINE

Ed Sheeran talks about his new LP...OVER HERE


Ellie Goulding tells Cosmo...SHE WON'T PUT MEN ON A PEDESTAL

Jessie J wants you to know...HER BEING BISEXUAL WAS "JUST A PHASE"

Rihanna goes bottomless for a photo shoot...SEE THE PICS

Ellen and Rob Lowe kissed on her show...WATCH THE VID

The lawyer for Amanda Bynes cleared up some rumors...SEE WHAT SHE SAID

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got naked for Rolling Stone...SEE THE COVER

Watch Lindsay Lohan and Letterman prank call Oprah...VIDEO HERE

Are Katie Holmes and Jason Segel dating!? FIND OUT IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE

Is Johnny Depp's fiance pregnant? LOOK

Nominees for the Billboard Music Awards...HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED

Big Sean's engagement has been called off...MORE HERE

Did Alec Baldwin go on another...HOMOPHOBIC RANT

Finally some good press for Shia LeBeouf...OVER HERE

Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show...AFTER DAVID LETTERMAN RETIRES

See why Craig Ferguson isn't that upset...THAT HE'S NOT REPLACING LETTERMAN

Watch Emma Stone sing The Spice Girls...AND THEN MEET HER IDOL MEL C

Selena Gomez fired her mom and dad...STORY HERE

See a video of Ellen giving Pharrell...A REALLY, REALLY BIG HAT

President Obama wants nothing to do...WITH KIM KARDASHIAN

Did Amanda Bynes mother take her off her meds? UH OH

Are those Kris Jenner Playboy rumros true? MORE HERE

Joe Jonas says "we all saw it coming"...REGARDING JUSTIN BIEBER'S DOWNFALL

Hilary Duff is calling off her divorce...LOOK


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