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About Lindsay:

Hometown: Virginia Beach Virginia

Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Food:Anything Someone else cooks me!

Favorite Sport: Volleyball and Snowboarding..at the same time!!

 Favroite Quote! "I'm right on top of that Rose" From Don't tell Mom the Babysitters Dead


I am a naturally loud person and LOVE to talk so naturally I gravitated to radio! I got my start in radio in Virgina Beach where I found that radio is my one true love! I'm single and Love to go out,  I am pretty opinionated and not afraid to speak my mind, some call that an independent woman, I just call it being ME!!! I love animals, and dogs especailly pitbulls they really are GREAT dogs despite how the media perceives them! And ohh, did I mention that I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan? Don't HATE!!!  Feel free to hit me up weekdays from 10am till 3pm to request a song or to talk about... well whatever you want, 888-777-6640 or on the text at 35651!!!!

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